Our Application Features.

It offer several features to streamline the training process, empower employee to take ownership of their professional development and provide manager and HR professionals with increased visibility into employee trianing history and program attendence

Training Application Submission

With this worker training management app, employees have the ability to raise Training Applications through the system. They can then submit them for approval. This feature enables employees to request training courses that will help them develop new skills, increase productivity and advance their careers within the organization.

Flexible SharePoint Lists

This employee training management app feature allows organizations to maintain a flexible SharePoint list of Training Programs and Providers. This makes it easier for HR and Training Managers to manage and update the list of training programs that are offered within the organization. The list can be customized according to the specific needs of the organization.

Pre-Course Assessment

With the employee course management feature, employees can perform a pre-course assessment to provide a more detailed understanding of their training requirements. It allows reviewers to understand the employee's level of knowledge and tailor the training course to their specific needs.

Searchable Training Catalog

This feature allows employees to search for available training courses from a catalog of training programs. Employees can search based on their job role, career path, or specific skills they want to develop. This feature also enables employees to view the course schedule and register directly from the system.

Program Registration

Once the Training Application is approved, employees can register for the training course. This feature simplifies the process of registering for courses and reduces the time and effort required by employees to complete the registration process.

Post-Training Evaluation

After completing the training program, employees can submit a post-training evaluation. This feature enables organizations to collect feedback on the training program's effectiveness and improve future training curricula and delivery. The feedback can also be used to measure the training program's impact on employee performance and identify areas for improvement.

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